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We provide our clients with IT and Internet solutions. We are a well-coordinated and competent team of over thirty people, who every day takes care to meet the needs of our clients. Their success is also our own.

Almost all of the projects we implement are characterized by their uniqueness and complexity. Every day it puts us in front of new challenges, thanks to which we are getting richer in experience and we can offer our clients an ever wider range of solutions of ever better quality. Thanks to our commitment and excellent work organization, we are able to understand our clients' problems and design, create and implement, and then support dedicated ("tailored") IT and Internet solutions.

We are constantly developing and striving for perfection in everything we do. Every day, we work together to earn the trust of our clients. Members of our team have the opportunity to become better professionals in their fields. We take care of their development, including through financing of trainings, courses and post-graduate studies. We realize that we build success thanks to the knowledge and skills of our employees, which is why we attach great importance to the recruitment of new team members and the appropriate level of their education.

Our history

1999 - Initially, the company operates as a civil partnership BMPG
(Business Media Professional Group) focusing on
solutions audio-video and multimedia.

2004 - Developing programming skills, building manageable
Internet portals, first online stores and integration services.

2006 - Transforming BMPG into a company with z o.o., rename it to
VOBACOM. Continuation and development of technology towards
web and business applications. Construction of a new department
information technology operating in another IT sector.

2012 - Set up the seeds of the new department, Programming Cooperation,
focusing on a wide range of programming skills, providing services
technological support for building applications.

2018 - A new visual identity for the company, thereby strengthening each
Vobacom brands as separate specialized departments of the company.
Organic development of the company.

2019 - Development of R&D activities, creation of a new
Research & Development department.

2020 - Implementation of research and development projects
co-financed from EU funds, land acquisition for investment
in the area of Toruń Technology Park.

2021 - Construction of the Research and Development Center,
development of AR and VR products and services,
new directions of the company's development.

Our team